Top Five: Lame Halloween Costumes

Sure, we know sometimes it's hard coming up with good costume ideas for Halloween. You wrack your brain for something that blows everyone away, but you inevitably wind up braving the lines at Party Boy or Frankels, or even worse, panicking--you go in drag or throw on some fairy wings.

Here at the Press, we're always up for shenanigans, so we came up with five (and an extra) don't-dos for this Halloween, and we enlisted our staff and friends as models, or more specifically, as warnings for what to avoid at all costs. For instance, don't think that you can get away with the above Jersey Shore "GTL" debacle. When people at the party ask you who you're dressed as, you may as well say, "I'm a douchebag."

Click ahead for the top five.

5. Texas Football Fans Even football fans would chide each other for attempting such suck. So lame it hurts.

4. A Canadian The Olympics are over and no one cares anymore. Plus, Canada preemptively paid for years of future backlash at its closing ceremonies.

3. Dancing With the Stars You seriously need to cripple anyone you see dabbling in that miasma. So lame, it deflects irony.

2. Lady Gaga VMA Dress This costume makes us shiver and gag.

1. Avatar You know there's going to be that asshole who goes all-out and actually looks like a 10 foot-tall blue alien. Why make it harder on yourself?

BUT as the video on the next page proves, our number one lamest costume is good for something ...

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