Vid Picks: Best Videos of the Year (Part One)

It was a challenge to pick our favorites after watching thousands of videos this year and loving at least a couple hundred. YouTube grew up in 2010 and saw its first major museum exhibition at none other than the Guggenheim. As we chose our favorite videos of the year, we kept in mind the democratic nature of the medium; that is, though we could choose all of our videos from the art category, we realize that would be limiting. So from artistic achievements to the ubiquitously (sometimes irritatingly) viral, we present our favorite videos of 2010.

10. Soup (Above) Every time we watch this our heart skips a beat. This is video art at its best: no words, just an idea expressed through images that manages to capture so much in less than two minutes. Created by Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith & Rob Stockman Directed by Aaron Phelan Featuring Winnie MacIsaac

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Vernon Caldera