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Who Will Be the American Gods in HBO's New Series?

HBO has announced that it will be bringing one of Neil Gaiman's most celebrated works, the novel American Gods, to life in a 6-season series helmed by none other than Tom Hanks. The series will be 10 to 12 hour-long episodes, will be budgeted at around $35 million a season, and will include Gaiman on the writing staff.

American Gods, for those of you who are actively avoiding reading one of the best written works of the last decade, is the story of a man named Shadow who becomes the valet of an American manifestation of the Norse god Odin as he attempts to rally his fellow old world gods into battle against the new gods of television, Internet and cancer. Shadow is forced to confront the very nature of belief itself in his journey across the country, and visits some of our more fascinating attractions like the House on the Rock.

Thus far, no casting choices have been announced. Luckily for all involved, Art Attack and the Wife With One F have been casting this film since the day we finished the novel. Here are our humble suggestions.

Shadow Moon - Dwayne Johnson

The Rock in a Gaiman novel adapation? Really, With One F? Yes, really. Shadow is a big man often mistaken for having Native American blood. Though he's taciturn by nature, Gaiman gave some truly great smart-ass quips to his main character, and delivering those lines is what made Johnson the household name he is today. Despite his over-the-top action hero persona, Johnson has shown some real acting ability over the years since he left the WWE, and we are certain he would be able to pull off Shadow's journey into the heart of the country's faith.

Mr. Wednesday - Richard Jenkins

Wednesday is Odin's nom de guerre in the novel. He's a gruff, scheming con man who at the same time can be the epitome of charm. You might remember Jenkins as Nathaniel Fisher from HBO's Six Feet Under. Though he mostly appeared as a ghost or in flashbacks, Jenkins really came through in portraying a man who was capable of both love and honesty, as well as pursuing his own ends through dubious methods.

Mr. Nancy - Paul Mooney

Mr. Nancy is really Ananzi, the west African trickster god. In his human form he's an older black man with a propensity for stories and jokes. Who better to portray him than comedian and Chapelle's Show regular Paul Mooney? Quick-witted and affable, but at the same time cynical, Mooney would make the perfect comic relief for the more grumpy gods.

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