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Whoomp! (There It Is): Dan Harmon Returns to Community

The rumor mill had been churning over the past few weeks on whether Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, would be returning after being given the boot last season. Harmon Tweeted about it a few weeks ago but NBC hadn't put anything down on paper. Yesterday, the deal was finally sealed, and now Community fans have another thing to be less Changry about. Harmon will make his triumphant return to the show that he made successful in the first place. In addition toe Harmon returning, he will be joined by former co-exec producer Chris McKenna returning as executive producers for Season 5.

Oh, how the tables have turned. If you recall, Harmon was more or less kicked to the curb from his own baby without much warning. He went to work one day and, according to his version of the story, it wasn't his job anymore. If there have ever been a tale of, "Ha ha suckers!" it's this gotcha from Harmon. I hope he high-fived everyone at NBC but pulled his hand away for a "too slow" before they could five him back, and then I hope he gave them all the finger and peed on their floor.

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Community trudged along through its Fourth Season with some stellar episodes and a good handful of poor ones. None seemed to ever really capture that Community-awesomeness that fans have grown to love. Were the show's struggles due to the absence of its patriarch? Possibly so. And Harmon is really going to have to step up to the plate and knock the next season out of the park.

Now, let's just get Star-Burns back and we'll all be happy.

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