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30 Seconds With Fat Tony

Do you know anyone that doesn't like Houston's master MC Fat Tony? If you do, they might be a damned lizard person because no hot-blooded human could hate his new album Double Dragon. That album kicks ass like Billy Lee. What could we learn from such a man in 30 seconds? Let's find out!

Rocks Off: What is worst song in the world?

Fat Tony: There are so many terrible songs, it's kinda hard to choose. I try to ignore them all before my head explodes. I can tell you the best song right now for me though is "Paradise" by Future. I listened to it every day on tour last month, just to stay focused and as positive as possible.

We faced some little troubles on the road here and there but I always kept my head up thanks to Future's Pluto album. This song really moves ya boy to tears at times:

I go through hell so I can walk with you And I been so down on my fuckin' luck When you're in the street that's how it goes You go through hell to get to paradise

Straight up. I feel like my educational path in life would've been hella straight if Future was my high school counselor. I might be Fat Tony, Ph.D.

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