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5 Weird Music Figurines To Spruce Up Your Home or Office

For those looking to bring a bit of personality to their cubicle or to add character to a boring bookshelf there is a whole world of music collectables out there to choose from. From statues to bobbleheads to dolls these figures, no matter what you call them, are yet another revenue stream for the enterprising artist.

It makes sense that bands like the Beatles and Kiss have figures. Both acts are loved by millions and neither are shy about licensing their names and likeness if it will eventually make them some money. In fact, there are a lot of acts out there that no one would bat an eye at if they saw the figure on sale at their local mall: Elton John, Lady Gaga, Slipknot, etc., all artists known for their often crazy costumes and theatricality.

On the other hand, some figures out there that just seem sort of random and out of place. Whether they're artists that you don't expect to see immortalized in plastic or design decisions that may leave you shaking your head these things exist.

You can buy them. It may cost you a pretty penny on eBay, but if you've got money to burn and the right amount of passion you can get one of the following to put on your mantle next to the footprints of your dog and that clock that stopped working years ago.

5. Rush "Starman" Rock Iconz Statue by Knucklebonz

Rush's 2112 is one of the rare cases where the artwork on the back of the album is more iconic than the front. Dubbed the Starman, the art depicts the naked hero of the album facing the symbol of the album's evil confederacy. There's some symbolism involved too, but mostly it just looks cool on a shirt.

If wearing the Starman isn't enough, you can get him in all his naked, silver glory to display. Depending on how cool your boss is or isn't you might want to leave this guy at home, unless you're willing to answer questions about his lack of clothing or when the Silver Surfer got hair. And make sure it has the certificate of authenticity: say no to bootleg Starmen.

4. Paul Wall Bobblehead

Plenty of rappers have their own bobbleheads, but the Paul Wall bobble stands out for what it has and what it's missing. He may only be seven inches tall, but he comes packing his signature grill, his iced-up chain, and a cup of liquid refreshment. It also has a scarily accurate hair design.

Still, I can't help but feel this would have been just a little bit better if he had a title belt of some sort. Would it be corny? Hell yes, but we're talking about a seven-inch Paul Wall bobblehead that has a drink in his hand.

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