Aftermath: Girl In a Coma at Fitzgerald's - No Brawling This Time, Just Rock and Roll

Girl in a Coma is back on the road strutting their new tunes from Trio BC, the band's second CD. Nina Diaz (voice/guitarist), Jenn Alva (bass) and Phanie Diaz (drums), along with their tour manager, have been traveling since the CD dropped in May.

It's just the three of them and their tour manager. They set up their own equipment. They're just badass like that.

GIC opened the second leg of their tour at Fitzgerald's last night. It's the first time they've been back in Houston since Alva and Nina Diaz were "no billed" on charges of assault on a public servant in August.

"[It was a] big, big pile of bricks on our shoulders," said Alva when asked about the felony charges. "It's really hard to get people to do legal stuff...but it sucked, and [the witnesses] were like, 'that girl got fucking beat for no reason.'" So they testified.

Alva still loves Houston: "There's good and bad cops everywhere you go."

The crowd wasn't so forgiving. More than one person could be heard shouting, "Fuck Chances," when GIC said their opening song, "Pleasure and Pain," had a lot to do with Houston.

But all that was forgotten once Nina Diaz started singing. Her voice is a strong combination of any '50s female lead singer and '60s rocker woman. It's the kind of penetrating voice that doesn't need a microphone - a soulful surprise from such a small frame.

Their style definitely has a Morrissey influence....just way better and with more energy and diversity.

Nina Diaz flaunted both her impressive vocal range and guitar talent in "El Monte." The crowd sang along to every "I do" Nina belted out. We still can't get the tune out of our head. That was only one of highlights of the night.

And Nina wasn't the only mighty talent on the stage, to Aftermath's delight.

Phanie Diaz, Nina's sister, barely took a break with punk-Foo Fightery-ish songs and ballads evenly mixed in their 14-song, hour-and-a-half-long set. She plays tambourine too.

And bassist Jenn Alva is bringin' it with her Joan Jett "Do You Wanna Touch Me"-style bass lines.

The fans at the front wouldn't back away an inch from their spot even halfway through the set when GIC played "Their Cell," a melodious '60-ish ballad with a Morrissey-type twist - a favorite from their first album, Both Before I'm Gone.

Both the music and the crowd were diverse. All ages, genders and races were well represented. Not to mention heights - hey all you tall guys, why do you have to stand RIGHT UP FRONT?!?!

But we jest, because we understand exactly why they would stand up front for the entire show. GIC is pumping out so much good music and energy, you just have to experience as much and as close as you can. It's that good.

GIC will be in Austin on Thursday, Dallas on Friday and then they're leaving Texas until their San Antonio show on November 7. A list of their show dates can be found on their Web site here.

"Tell your buddies...if you want to come see an OK band for the price, I suggest you come see us live," said Alva.

Aftermath gives Alva the award for "Understatement of the Year." If you missed their show last night, you missed out. Be ready to travel to San Antonio in November.

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Liana Lopez