Aggronautix Bringing You Bobblehead Wayne Kramer, James Williamson

Aggronautix has brought you bobbleheads of GG Allin, Mojo Nixon, Roky Erickson, Andrew WK, and even Milo from the Descendents. I even purchased a creepily lifelike model of Allin's head from them a few years back. Today they announced two new additions to their bobbled family, in the form of the MC5's Wayne Kramer and Stooges guitarist James Williamson. Holy Detroit Proto-Punk Meltdown!

Yes, Kramer and Williamson's likenesses have been cast in bobblehead form, but that's not all. No sir. These delightful, sneering, and angsty fellas also play music at the press of a button.

"Wayne is not only accurately sculpted right down to his signature White Panther Party threads, curly hair, and American flag guitar, but he also delivers a signature riff at the push of a button," says the email from Aggronautix. The miniature Williamson also plays a riff too. "Shake Appeal"

You can snag these guys on the Aggronautix site. They make great gifts, and sometimes when I am having a rough day at the office, I talk to my GG Allin dolls and ask for moral support.

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