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Beach Boys Not Coming To Nutty Jerry's After All

Last week I told you about an upcoming Beach Boys date out in Winnie at Nutty Jerry's. The show sparked my interest since I was still on a B-Boys high from their show in the Woodlands earlier this month, and I was happy that the Houston-area was getting another go-round with the group.

But today the venue issued this press release, effectively cancelling the date:

Due to a misunderstanding with the Beach Boy's management and a local booking agent, the October 6th Beach Boys concert at Nutty Jerry's has been cancelled.

The group that was scheduled to perform at Nutty Jerry's is not the same lineup as the current "Beach Boys 50th Anniversary" tour.

As a result Nutty Jerry's did not feel that we could advertise the show as the "original" Beach Boys. Nutty Jerry's regrets the misunderstanding and any inconvenience to our loyal customers.

The release went on to give information about refunds and also teased another concert announcement for that same October 6 date.

You know what they say about things being too good to be true. For my part, I did confirm with Jerry's front office last week that the band coming to town was the one that played 46 songs at the Woodlands, but as you can see things quickly changed.

The best I can tell is that the version of the Beach Boys that was booked for Nutty's was the Mike Love version which was touring before this year's reunion run, with all surviving members in tow, including Brian Wilson. Once myself and others inquired about the distinction, someone must have figured out the difference and balked.

And now according to Rolling Stone, this is a thing that Love has been doing the whole time during the reunion shows.

This current Beach Boys tour is only listed as far as September 28 at Wembley Stadium.

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