Born to Runoff: Playlists for Saturday's Mayoral Election-Night Parties

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Thursday evening Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker, clearly anticipating a weekend of celebration, posted the following message to Twitter asking for playlist suggestions for her election night party. So far the official suggestions are pretty lame, so Rocks Off is coming to the rescue with some choice tracks of our own. And just so Gene Locke doesn't feel left out, we've made a playlist for him too.

For Annise Parker:
"We Built This City," Starship

Rocks Off isn't sure what else Parker will deem as "important!" during her potential term as mayor, but if there's one thing we


sure of, it's that music makes everything funner, even balancing our city's $103 million deficit! Whee!

"It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World," James Brown

Houston's first (and so far, only) female mayor, Kathryn Whitmire, was elected a

quarter-century ago

. Back then the

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

, of which Parker is a proud member, didn't even exist.

"Every Breath You Take," The Police

Google "Annise Parker" and you'll see that dozens of

national blogs


news organizations

are keeping a close watch on the election, since a win for Parker will make Houston the largest city in America with a gay mayor. However, much like Barack Obama's win puts extra scrutiny on future black politicians, Parker will have to do more than just get elected to make inroads for gay politicians in the state.

"Higher Ground," Stevie Wonder

In the Harris County League of Women Voters

Voters' Guide

, Parker says the city's broken infrastructure led to flooding problems and additional emergencies following Ike and Allison. She proposes to review the city's disaster contingency plan to make sure such problems are fixed before future natural disasters occur. Rocks Off is not sure if that plan includes moving the entire city out of the Gulf of Mexico's flood basin or not.

"Electioneering," Radiohead

Before the first election the biggest complaint about the candidates was that the platforms were all so boring. Since the run-off began, Parker has been accused of throwing the

first punches. Now the election has gotten dirty

. But like Charles Kuffner says, it's

all part of the plot


For Gene Locke:
"Dirrty," Christina Aguilera

Let's see what

Annie's List

thinks of this one. As Kuff said in the link above, once it gets dirty, it's not suddenly gonna get clean again. Gene Locke may not have had anything to do with


Oh Em Gee Teh Gheys!-style fearmongering, but one of his supporters did, and that's a low-down dirrrty shame. Dirty politics have also lead

Houston Press

online commenters to christen City Council member Sue Lovell a racist turd-burglar, which makes Rocks Off snicker.

"Bad Boys," Inner Circle

Locke said in the LWVH Voters' Guide that his main priority as mayor will be to make Houston safer by putting more police on the streets. Not surprisingly, the Houston Police Officer's Union and the Firefighter's Union have endorsed Locke.

"Money," The Beatles

Parker's biggest criticism of Locke is that he has no cash to pay for the increase in police presence. Locke swears he can do it without raising taxes - by taking money from other funds and grants. Parker, on the other hand, wants to

halt the development

of Houston's museum district and sports stadiums and use the money elsewhere. That comment, by the way, was a dig at Locke, who led negotiations to build both Reliant Arena and the Juice Box.

"Signs," Five Man Electrical Band

Locke's had a bit of a problem with his campaign advertising this election. ABC13 reported that the city hash hauled away

more than a thousand

improperly-placed campaign signs, a number Annise Parker has been

gleefully tracking

over at Twitter.

Silver Spoons theme song

When Locke told the


during the most recent debate that he can't be a city insider becaudse he wasn't raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, we immediately thought of young Ricky Schroeder and Alfonso Ribeiro breakdancing away in Edward Stratton III's oversized mansion. Whoever wins this election, can we see the candidates re-enact

this scene

as a show of solidarity?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.