Can a Houston Texan outrap Shaq?

Since I spend the rest of the day listening to music, most of the time I enjoy (for lack of a better word) waking up to Marc Vandermeer and Andre Ware on SportsRadio 610, even though they're both entirely too in love with the Texans. I mean, I know the Texans pay a good chunk of your salary, but come on guys - they're probably not going to the Super Bowl this year, no matter how much you want it to happen. Other than that, both tend to be very dismissive of opinions other than their own - shocking behavior for talk-show hosts, I know - but Vandermeer is a massive Zeppelin fan, and Ware sounds like an all-around cool cat - especially because he likes wrestling.

Anyway, this morning, when they weren't talking about the whole Shawn Chacon meltdown or announcing Craig Ackerman as the new Rockets radio guy, they were talking about athletes who enjoy busting a rhyme or two. Of course the impetus was Shaquille O'Neal's instant-classic "How My Ass Taste?" from earlier this week, but it turns out Jamaican-born Texans outside linebacker Marlon Greenwood has some flow too, in a Shaggy sort of way.

So when the Texans don't make the playoffs this season, at least they have Greenwood around to provide plenty of locker-room entertainment.

Let's see how the two stack up. First the reigning champion, Shaq Diesel:

Now here's miggety-Marlon. Give Sports Off Center's Craig Roberts a few seconds to introduce it.

Not bad. Greenwood actually performed at the Peter Tosh Memorial Festival over Memorial Day weekend in Pearland. Figure that one out. - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.