Children of Pop at Cactus Music, 3/1/2014

Children of Pop Cactus Music March 1, 2014

One week removed from their album-release pizza party at House of Creeps, Saturday Houston's Children of Pop welcomed a sizable crowd to a mid-day Cactus Music in-store amid rows of music merchandise and the infamous keg of Saint Arnold.

The band kicked off by working through the noise of the latter half of debut full-length Fiesta/Drift before truly finding their bearings on "Power From the Sun." Because the song structures of Fiesta/Drift balance rock and electronica so carefully, it's became evident that it's going to be hard to pigeonhole them as one thing or another. It's not easy to balance two genres as bold and diverse as those two, but Children of Pop found a way to work through dreamy synth parts before jumping head-first into heavy, intricate guitar playing on songs like "I Know" and "Build a Home."

Shortly after showcasing "Feel Good," a new track that might make its way onto Children of Pop's next album, the group performed "Breezin," arguably their best song to date. It's the kind of song that translates perfectly live, not only because it showcases both the band's talent and the creativity, but because it radiates the same vibe as the first day of summer.

What's most respectable about Children of Pop, however, is their unapologetic approach to creating music. Sure, the group's members might balance a guitar in one hand while curating loops and synth parts with the other. And yes, that's a digital drum kit.

But art isn't created in just one way, and the group's Cactus performance served as a reminder that it's much more respectable to watch artists present their work in its intended form than to sacrifice taste just to please the masses.


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