Coachella Becomes "Coldchella": Did Goldenvoice Hike Up Hoodie Prices?

photo coachella gouge.jpgNote: We're running reports from our sister blog in LA, West Coast Sound, on the Coachella Music Festival.

For the first time in its 13 years, the weather was the biggest thing on everyone's minds Coachella. The word "Coldchella" was tossed around like they were the first person to think of the term. It didn't seem like many people looked at the weather report. One girl in a bikini wailed, "Why is it raiiiiining?" Girlie, it's because the weather report promised a high of 73 degrees, a low of 54, with 50 percent chance of rain.

Maybe Goldenvoice should've been more prescient, as well. Attendees trooped over to the merch table to buy hoodies, but as Niyaz Pirani of OC Weekly said on his Facebook page, "They're changing the prices of hoodies from 45 to 55. People are booing. What bullshit. Because its rainy and cold."

We're waiting for a statement from Goldenvoice to see if this was a sanctioned move; keep tuned.

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