Damfoolz Select The Six Best DJ Screw Songs Of All Time

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This Week's Rapper: Damfoolz

This Week's Subject: Picking out the six best Screw songs of all time

Ask A Rapper: Here's what we'll do: With this week being the anniversary of DJ Screw's mammoth "June 27," howsabout if the Damfoolz offer up the six best DJ Screw tracks of all time. I understand this is a gargantuan undertaking, but whatevs, you guys are tough stuff, right? So, hop to. Top 6 DJ Screws of all time

"3 in tha Mornin'," Damfoolz

We would say this one first and foremost because this took Screw from the trunks to the radio. Everybody knows that Screw music is largely an underground phenomenon. This is one of the only exceptions to the rule. This track introduced the world to the Screwed up single; often replicated but never duplicated.

"Peepin' in My Window Freestyle"

Keke killed this one, front to back. The most memorable part is when Pokey grabs the mike and then falls off and Keke takes it back. You can hear Pokey in the background saying "You didn't even give a nigga a chance," then Keke tells him,"Oh we gave it a chance." The lesson to be learned here is don't fuck over yo chances in life, baby.

"Neighborhood Superstar," the Hot Boys

The reason this one made the list is because it was on so many Screw tapes. My favorite mix was on It's All Good, but this seemed like one of them songs Screw couldn't get enough of. I still probably ain't heard every tape it was on.

"25 Lighters Freestyle"

This is another freestyle off of Leanin' on a Switch. A freestyle made from the excerpt of one song that then spawned another song all its own. I guess down South rappers didn't have lawyers back then.

"Bump and Grind," R.Kelly

This one is really just a personal opinion, but this is the only song on Late Nite Fuckin Yo Bitch that Screw touched. Everything else he let play but he chopped this one up right. When R&B is Screwed and Chopped right, it ain't nothin better. This the type of track that'll make you put triplets* in a [lady].


"June 27th"

Last but not least, this is what the day is all about. Probably as popular as you can get and still be underground, this is the most notorious Screw-tape freestyle. We smooth jacked this beat from Kris Kross and made it a H-Town classic. That shit was funny until Drake jacked* it from us and took it nationwide. Touche.


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