David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe is shorthand for all things ornery and pissed-off, and at 71, he only seems to be getting riper, with his grizzled country-rock anthems only seeming more weathered and lived-in. Coe is outlaw country's resident badass, staying true to his tattooed, longhaired redneck roots as the rest of his rebel gang dies off or mellows out. If you haven't seen Coe live, you cannot legally drive a truck or carry a firearm in Texas, or so we have been told. This Numbers show from Coe and his band is a make-up date for the aborted Meridian date last fall, which ended up blowing the story of the embattled (and since shuttered) venue wide open. Coe was scooped up by promoter Mike Kelley for this one-day mini-festival featuring World's Most Dangerous, Mojofromopolis, and Opie Hendrix & The Texas Tallboys, and the admission price alone is worth the experience of seeing the man behind "Jack Daniel's, If You Please" on the same stage that Divine, the Thompson Twins, John Mayer and the Village People once inhabited.
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Craig Hlavaty
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