Deep Cuts mix things up and go further into chill wave on new E.P.EXPAND
Deep Cuts mix things up and go further into chill wave on new E.P.
Photo by Anthony Flores

Deep Cuts Take Chillwave To A New Place On New Album

Chillwave might be a genre you're not familiar with, and that's okay. The truth is, that there are so many sub-genres of it, that it can become dizzying to keep up with. With that said, when you find great chillwave music, it's undeniable. On the new E.P. from Houston's Deep Cuts, it's definitely undeniably good. As a band that seemed to take their time in finding their overall sound, the music on Slip Off in the Dark is relaxed, catchy, and deep all at the same time.

Opening with the Latin infused vibes of "Serpents," the group quickly lays the ground for a sound that uses hints of acts like Sade, Simply Red, and early Billy Ocean. This is a more developed and curated sound than this band showed in the past. The Latin notes remind you of something acts like Machino and Dom Paradise would do, subtle yet hitting just like you'd expect. This continues on the groove oriented sounds of "What Are We Celebrating," where the group keeps things subtle, yet they pop in a way that's intriguing.

The title track, "Slip Off in the Dark," is a slow burner complete with a saxophone that reminds you of the sounds The Police made on "Wrapped Around Your Finger," where these notes come on strong but not in a forceful way. Deep Cuts use horns, synths, and a carefree vocal that keep the song chill while they hold the balance between relaxed and impassioned. This is Deep Cuts for the better.

The entire release is only five songs long, but there's so much weight in there. Deep Cuts feel like a band reborn on Slip Off in the Dark. You can stream the E.P. in its entirety when it's released worldwide on all platforms on July 13. You can also hear it in person, when Deep Cuts perform their release party at Satellite Bar on Friday July 13. The all ages show will also feature performances from George Clanton, Brandon Ares, and Wrestlers. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $12.

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