Dirty Old Town: Web Site Has Houston Douchebags For Days... And Days...

Rocks Off may be a little late to the game on this, but holy shit, we love The Dirty's Houston section and have been trolling the site for most of the day. It's a site dedicated to exposing douchery and general shittiness for roughly 65 cities. We caught wind of the site this morning through a Twitter link, and it has now wasted a good work day of our lives. We shall now pass the curse on to others. Run by Nik, the site's creator, The Dirty gathers tips from people in the cities who want to out people in their scene that they find well, shitty. Be they muscled-up bros into the random "forgy," chicks who drink their way through groups of guys for free vacations or guys who roll like millionaires but sack groceries during the day, The Dirty and its Space City correspondents cover these people in the same way that What Would Tyler Durden Do and Perez Hilton abuse the likes of Tila Tequila and Lindsay Lohan. The Houston section of the Dirty is a chamber of whore-ors, and gave us Vietnam-style flashbacks to our time researching the Washington Avenue bar scene. Our city's section is full of duckfaces, bad tans, boobs and bottle-service pics... and that's from both sexes. And dang it if everyone doesn't look the same. A lot of the folks on here also have little gangs they run with, like the Barbie Mafia. Weirdly, most of the people slagged on the Houston cite mention Rich's in Midtown as some sort of ground zero of dipshittery, but it looks like most of those are younger kids that haunt the dance club. For our part, the times we have been at Rich's we were too busy doing hood-rat stuff to notice anyone being outright assaulting to our senses. Clear Lake also takes a hit too - the area is classified as the Jersey Shore of Houston a few times.

As veteran fodder on the site Look at This Fucking Hipster, Rocks Off has every right to hate on these poor folks. We feel their pain, even if they can't actually feel any due to all the Botox and steroids.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.