Drake Announces HAW Date at Warehouse Live

One day, I want to send a message like Drake does.

I want to randomly appear wide awake at 4 a.m., finish off a bowl of cereal (preferably Cinnamon Toast Crunch), get a few strong drags from a hookah pipe, check and see if my next awkward move can be flipped into a thing of greatness (seriously, lint rollers man!) and then tweet something like, "Cinnamon Toast Crunch...OVOSound.com."

And people would utterly love me for it.

Last weekend our beloved Canuck Prince stopped by in Houston to let us know that he was supposedly performing at Warehouse Live (kiboshed), that he could be a pretty good DJ next to DJ Mr. Rogers at 5th Amendment and Gatsby (two of the more popular hip-hop-esque Washington clubs), that he could go to a kid's birthday skating party and have fun (Drave loves Bun B's granddaughter and vice versa) and he wasn't at all upset about Rihanna breaking his heart (please, he dated a Caribbean pixie who takes forever to grant wishes; of course he was hurt). It wasn't until another one of those random 2 a.m. tweets of his that we found out what Houston Appreciation Weekend would be about -- at least the initial part.

"Friday June 13th I'm performing at Warehouse Live for HAW. Going back to where it all began," the tweet read. No sense of tremble or immediate shock, just a simple statement. A simple "Let's go back to 2009 when I was just super awkward and not super famous yet and maybe Bun'll show up" tweet. Scratch that, Bun will be there. No word on creepy Austin Mahone fan account that was the first to reply to said tweet, however.

A year ago, I wondered what a Drake show at Warehouse would look like, and the irony of that idea actually happening is pretty damn neat. Drake by and large is not the modern-day LL Cool J, who was known as a head-splitting tough guy who made the first girl song that worked. Nope, Drake's the complete inverse of that, the nice guy who'd give your mom flowers and stuff but when he's supposed to be scrapping you just laugh at him and walk off

What's the earliest prediction for this first leg of Houston Appreciation Weekend? High ticket prices, an overflowing crowd at Warehouse Live so big that you'd think it was slothful and a more than eye-opening experience of the most stripped-down Drake show post three albums and ascent to "moves the needle" status in music. Will we get the hits? Of course. Will we get rarities? Hopefully.

I just hope the OVO Owl from the "Worst Behavior" video makes an appearance. That guy knows his job better than anybody else living right now.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.