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Estimated Total From Walters' Cancer Benefits Nears $20K

The results are finally in from the "Keep Calm // Fight Cancer" benefit that was held last weekend for Walters' owner Pam Robinson.

According to Kat Keeter, who works on the booking and management team at Walters, the three-day benefit held at the Northside Village venue brought in "between $15,000 and $20,000."

This total includes ticket sales, cash donations, raffle ticket sales, t-shirt sales and donations, silent auction items (paid and unpaid), as well as donations from the benefit's Web site.

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"It was incredible," gushes Robinson. "I'm still in shock by how kind and supportive everyone has been."

Since we spoke with Robinson last month, she has had two rounds of chemo but still says she is feeling "wonderful."

In total, the venue hosted around 840 attendees throughout the weekend, all of whom paid the $10 cover.

"I stayed up too late every night, and I'm paying for it now," says Robinson, who had a test done early Wednesday morning to see how she is responding to her treatment. "I had to be at the hospital this morning at 6 a.m., but I made it!"

And though this weekend's event has come and gone, the benefit isn't over just yet.

"We are going to extend all three sets of Free Press Summer Fest 2014 Fancy Pants passes, Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 General Admission passes, Pegstar entry for one year to every show and the two seats to a Revival Market Fall Dinner Series," says Keeter.

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Each of those items can be bid on until September 21, where they will be posted for anyone who attends a show at Walters. All other interested parties are welcomed to contact the venue.

"The generosity that this music scene and city showed this weekend was so amazing," says Keeter. "It made me a little teary-eyed a few times throughout the weekend."

At this time, the team at Walters does not have any further fundraising plans. However, anyone still interested in giving to the cause can still visit the online donation page.

100 percent of the proceeds made this weekend, as well as from the online donation page, will go towards Robinson's treatment.

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