Screwston, Texas

Fat Tony Breaks Down His Brand-New RABDARGAB

For the past three years, Fat Tony has reigned over his section of Houston's underground rap scene like goddamn Pol Pot (minus the dead Cambodians, duh; read a book, suckas). This, of course, is a curious situation, because he only released his debut LP, RABDARGAB, two days ago.

There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss this album's importance relative to the local hip-hop scene in the coming days - which will absolutely be done, in both macro and micro terms - but at the moment, only one thing need be done: Pick apart each song so as to weigh the album's listenability so as to decide whether or not it sucks.

Tony is promoting the album in New York this week, but fortunately he bothered to take a break between shows to offer some firsthand insight on several of the songs. His comments are in bold, our firsthand assumptions and speculations are not.

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Shea Serrano