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Filibuster Superwoman: Musicians, DJs and Artists Who #standwithwendy

There are times when snarky blogs about the state of the music industry seem wildly out of touch. This would be one of those times.

Another special session convenes today in Austin, with the Texas Legislature's agenda scheduled to address Senate Bill 5, which would virtually eliminate access to abortion facilities across the state. Updates on the state of Amanda Bynes' rap album and what Kanye named his baby can take a back seat for now.

Given that SB 5, if passed, will have a massive impact on the rights of women in this state, it seems far more appropriate to note the supporters of the movement to stop it. In honor of last week's filibuster superwoman, District 10 Texas Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth), and the push for the preservation of women's rights in general, here are dozens of musicians, DJs, music-industry insiders and other artists -- some from far beyond Texas -- who #standwithwendy.

Betty X, Austin-based industrial/metal band

Brant Lee Croucher, Houston country musician

Driver Friendly, Austin-based Warped Tour 2013 band

Har Mar Superstar, indie-rock/R&B musician

Heartless Bastards, Austin-based rock band

Joseph Kahn, film and music video director

Kev Russell, Austin-based roots singer-songwriter

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