Five Odd Local Spots Where We'd Love to See a Show

If you enjoy live music, chances are you have your favorite venue. Whether you love a smaller room because of its intimacy and cheap beer prices, or you prefer one of the larger (and pricier) venues because they provide seats with a view, we here at Rocks Off know that each venue plays a vital part in Houston's thriving music and nightlife scene.

But for all of the city's wonderful venues (and businesses that sometimes act as makeshift venues) we rarely get a chance to watch a concert in a space that wasn't originally intended to host music acts.

This week, we took a look at some of Houston's hot spots in an attempt to find local spots where we wouldn't mind watching a concert. Of course, this list is theoretical, but we certainly wouldn't turn down the chance to watch some of our favorite bands here.

David Adickes' Old SculpturWorx Studio When the development of Taylor Street began, everyone began to notice David Adickes' studio warehouse. Though Adickes' work has been present around the greater Houston area for decades, Houstonians became amazed when they stumbled upon the collection of sculptures that featured the heads of presidents and figures in Texas history, as well as the 36-foot tall statues of The Beatles. We can just imagine watching an evening show under the towering presence of one of music's most influential acts. Adickes shuttered his studio at the end of 2010 to to turn an old high school in his native Huntsville into a museum, so perhaps we can catch a show up there someday.

James Turell's Twilight Epiphany Skyspace The Twilight Epiphany Skyspace might not be the first of James Turrell's exhibits to be commissioned in Houston, but it's the newest of the three, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Located in the middle of Rice University's campus, installation artist Turrell proves yet again that he can still wow Houstonians with the effects of light. (His other work can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's "Inside the Light" tunnel, or at the Live Oaks Friends Meetinghouse Skyspace in the Heights.)

Because Twilight Epiphany is open sunrise and sunset, it guarantees to enhance how visitors look at the changing sky. But we're thinking that the timed shows, which last 40 minutes, give Houstonians just the right amount of time to experience the merging of art and music.

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Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Though the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart isn't the only cathedral in Houston, it's certainly one of the largest. With sprawling rows of seating and acoustics that are as definitive as its design, anyone who's visited the cathedral for mass knows it would be a gorgeous place to experience an artist would could really maximize the use of this space.

And because cathedrals are popular venue locations across the world, we think it's time Houston joined the ranks. Though it would be gorgeous to see artists like Beck or Jeff Mangum perform here, we wouldn't turn down the chance to see just about any artist.

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The Showboat Theater Drive-In, Hockley One of the coolest things about House of Creeps is its creative use of space, which inspired us to pick the Showboat Theater. Sure, drive-ins are a thing of the past, but they carry a certain amount of nostalgia that might add to the list of reasons why people would be interested in going. With concessions and ample space for a crowd, it'd give new meaning to the term, "double feature."

Museum of Natural Science Observatory, Brazos Bend State Park The Museum of Natural Science would be one hell of a place to catch a show, but it's their Observatory location that we've really got our eye on. Though its Brazos Bend State Park location is about 45 minutes outside of town, it'd be worth the drive if it meant escaping the city's hustle and bustle. Add a killer lineup to the fact that fans would be able to stargaze, and you've created a recipe for the most romantic venue in town.


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