Five Reasons the Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony Was Awesome

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You know, I think we may have missed a category during Tuesday's Houston Press Music Awards ceremony, because we really should have given ourselves the award for "best awards party throwers ever." I mean, where else are you going to find Willie D, The Hates and Justin Van Sant hanging out together near a giant shot block that pours ice-cold vodka down your throat? Nowhere, that's where.


The 2013 Houston Press Music Awards In Photos

If you missed the festivities, the rest of this blog may sting a little bit, because it was really kind of borderline amazing. See, when we say awards ceremony, what we really mean is a mash-up of awards, live performances, and ridiculous antics, all of which were happening in abundance at Warehouse Live Tuesday night.

So if you skipped out, you might seriously contemplate going next year because it's just too sweet to pass up. I'll make it easy for you and spell out this year's awesomeness so you'll know why you'll want to make sure your ass is there next year. I'll do so in a list, of course. It's kind of our thing.

5. There was an icy shot block, flowing with vodka and magic. Does that even need an explanation? Vodka flowed like an icy river down that thing, and I'm pretty sure I saw tiny unicorns prancing across it. Sheer magic.


The 2013 Houston Press Music Award Winners

4. We hooked you up with a burger bus right outside the venue. Bernie's Burger Bus goes hand and hand with beer and local music, dudes. We cover all bases.

3. Our local music scene kicked ass and took names. There was an amazing performance by The Suffers, who as most of you know are kind of the greatest thing since sliced bread. Kam Franklin blew the roof off of the building, and we'll probably have a massive bill from Warehouse Live for that, because those vocals were utterly insane last night.

Born Again Virgins, Fat Tony, Justin Van Sant, and Featherface also helped further the roof damage by continuing to blow it off the building. We're sorry, Warehouse Live, but it was well worth it.

2. Our Houston Music Hall of Fame inductees were out in full force. When Los Skarnales took the stage to be inducted into the Houston Music Hall of Fame, it's wasn't just the current lineup of Los Skarnales. It was a massive showing of members, past and present, and it took over the entire stage in a show of awesomeness.

Speaking of the Houston Music Hall of Fame, not only was Los Skarnales inducted into it, but there also other local legends there too. Mydolls, Joe Sample, the Geto Boys' Willie D, Jewel Brown, and Mrs. Dusty Hill were all there to be acknowledged. Yeah, I know. We were grinning about it too.

1. We got to hang with the best bands in the city, and give them a little bit of credit for being rad. I've said this above, but I'd like to say it again. Where else are you going to stand in line for some sweet Cajun food with the dudes and awesome chick from Born Again Virgins? How often have you been able to chill with Fat Tony by the bar at Warehouse Live? Only at our awards ceremony, fellas.

Not only that, but the awards part of it really is kinda rad too. It's nice to affirm what most of us know; Houston's music scene is totally badass, and our musicians deserve credit where credit is due. Plus one for The Dead Rabbits and their acceptance speech, by the way. Not only were they super-gracious, but they welcomed the other bands, including The Hates, onto the stage to be with them. What could be better?

So yeah. If you missed it, that sucks, but consider this your public service announcement for next year. Just remember to hydrate beforehand; that shot block is deadly.


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