The cover of Fulgora's debut full-length album, Stratagem.
The cover of Fulgora's debut full-length album, Stratagem.

Fulgora Transcends Grindcore With Face-Melting Stratagem

It's only been two years since grindcore warriors Pig Destroyer released their last album, Book Burner, but fans might be waiting a little bit longer for the follow-up. They should be okay with that, however, because in about a month, on February 3, Pig Destroyer's drummer and bassist cousins Adam and John Jarvis will be releasing the debut full-length, Stratagem, from Fulgora, their new band with newcomer guitarist and vocalist B.L. Mayew.

The band debuted in 2013 with a two-song punch-to-the-face single release containing the songs "Risen" and "Artifice." This past October, they released a second single with "Splinter" and "Crutch." Now, they've premiered a new song from Stratagem called "Meridian." Predictably, it rocks.

Fair warning: anyone expecting the full-on assault of grindcore blastbeats that they love from Pig Destroyer is probably in for a disappointment. Instead, "Meridian" is vastly more melodic than their other band could or would ever be.

Instead, Fulgora skews far more to the modern hardcore and crossover thrash side of metal. Mayew's vocals are not screamed or squealed, but rather shouted. But never fear; Fulgora still serves up quite a helping of jagged time changes and math-metal riffage. These guys probably couldn't write a completely straightforward song if they tried to.

Compared to Fulgora's previous singles, one thing that stands out about "Meridian" is that the production is much, much improved. Those 2013 singles sound like demos by comparison. "Meridian" is right up in your face with clear, stark guitars and vocals that take away a bit of the band's nastiness, but amp up the heaviness and the clarity of their sound. While the previous singles were top-notch songs, they lacked some of the impact that "Meridian" carries.

This is a band clearly looking to make an impact in the metal world. The Jarvis cousins have, of course, made themselves well known in Pig Destroyer, along with their duties in Misery Index and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. But this new project is a whole new beast, and I can only see big things coming from them once Stratagem drops. This is one to keep your eyes and ears open for, because if "Meridian" is any indication, the full-length is going to melt faces.

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