Genesis Blu Drops New Single “Matter” Early

An animated Genesis Blu
An animated Genesis Blu Screengrab from YouTube
If there is any upside to the current crisis it’s that a lot of artists are releasing their work early and online for the fans who are stuck in their houses. One of those is Houston hip hop artista Genesis Blu, who just dropped “Matter” from her upcoming EP Magical Mix Tape.

The EP was originally slated to be released at the now-cancelled Saint Arnold event at Raven Tower. Blu decided to give fans a treat early since it’s unknown when she or anyone in Houston will be able to hit the stage again.

That’s not to say that you can’t get a tiny flavor of her live show. Accompanying “Matter” is a simple but incredible animated music video produced by RYNMA. Imagine a South Park musical number without all the edgelord nonsense and you get a sense of what’s happening in “Matter.” The minimalist, comic strip like characters and happy concert scenes mix well with the song’s uplifting, get-up-and-take-on-the-world message. Like all of Blu’s work, it has a powerful sense of justice balanced perfectly with her ability to right a good pop chorus that’s gets you moving.

Speaking of comic strips, there is more coming from Blu than just music. When the full EP drops in late spring/early summer, it will available with an original comic book she’s produced called Genesis Blu and the Magical Microphone. The book will deal with issues of mental health.

“The EP and comic book will be something that families can read and listen to together in an effort to improve communication and decrease family dysfunction,” says Blu.

“Matter” is currently available on all music platforms, and if it’s any indication of what the rest of the EP sounds like we can expect something quite bright in these dark times. For all the deep subjects that Blu tackles lyrically, from mental illness to politics, there is an inarguable sense of hope to her work. She has the songs you whistle past the graveyard, which is what you’d expect from a rapper who is also a psychotherapist.

Check out the video below.

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