GG Allin Lives On In Bobblehead Form

It's no secret to daily readers of Rocks Off how much we love and treasure the late GG Allin. The infamous scum-punker continues to mystify and disgust almost 16 years since his well, we guess, timely death. A new Internet start-up called Aggronautix has created this limited-edition bobblehead of the infamous "Poo Poo Rocker." The figurine was personally approved by GG's brother Merle, who still tours regularly with Allin's backing band the Murder Junkies, who were actually in town for a gig at The White Swan a few weeks back or so. The band tours with a new lead singer, tantamount to the Stones touring with some dude they picked up at a karaoke bar. The attention to detail is amazing, right down to the feces-stained jock and the shoddy jailhouse tattoos that Allin collected during his various stints in prison. The bloody gash on the forehead makes truly a sight to behold. Part of the fun is imagining how he got it.

The doll is available for around $15. We aren't much into bobbleheads, even when the Astros give out the things at Minute Maid we more than likely end up accidentally leaving it on the roof of our car or giving it to a young relative. But we have a funny feeling this one will be sitting proudly on our desk for a long time.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.