Gothtopia: Gravity Euphonic's Animalistic, Primeval New Self-Titled Album

For some reason, Texas is allowed one dominant electronic band per city. Houston has Asmodeus X, Austin has CTRL and Dallas/Fort Worth has Gravity Euphonic. Intense lobbying has not yet lured GE regularly down to our neck of the Lone Star State - although they did play HAVOK back in '06 - but now Houstonians can at least sample the duo's awesomness in the form of their second album, titled simply Gravity Euphonic (Radio-Active).

More than the VNV Nations and Imperative Reactions of the world, Gravity Euphonic drives its particular brand of beeps and boops with a hard-ass guitar sound. During a live show, guitarist Eric Hunter II is a sight to behold, often abandoning the sad and stale strums and fretwork of yesteryear for pounding along the strings with clenched fists.

This lends an animalistic primevalness to what is usually a more refined and technological genre. That's not to say that the electronic work is sub-par. Far from it. It's just that Gravity Euphonic is a bit angrier than your typical dance music.

Anyone will tell you that an electronic band's personality is sold on the singer, and James French certainly deserves his place among the Korg demigods. Imagine for a moment that Chad Kroeger does not suck. (Don't hurt yourself.)

Now take that pop-star-but-still-rough quality and wed it to Cole Porter's lyrical sense and that's the effect that you get with French's voices. He eschews the vox effects that populate (and often over-populate) the electronic-music world, and the result is slightly disconcerting but very pleasant once gotten used to.

Though Gravity Euphonic is not, in Rocks Off's honest opinion, as good as the band's debut album, Sunlight Kills, it is still a worthy entry into a genre whose audience often has to go long periods between feedings. With Houston finally starting to show up on the electronica scene's radar for touring acts, it can only be hoped that Gravity Euphonic will soon be making their way down here to pierce our ear canals with their groove.

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