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Hans Frank: Not Safe For Work

After several weeks of semi-classical, jazz, and folk music, Leon's Lounge takes a major swerve tonight with spiky haired Hans Frank. The front man of cow-thrash punkers Glambilly, Frank looks like he just stepped out of a bad Roxy Music video, and it's just possible that Bryan Ferry may be a major influence on the Appalachian born wild man.

One doesn't have to dig too deeply into Frank's musical career to see the connection with some of the original glambillys, the Hickoids and San Antonio musical mover-and-shaker Jeff Smith. When we asked Smith what's the deal with Hans Frank, he let fly with his usual lack of reserve.

"He had a band called Ten City Run that had a video that did pretty well on CMT for a while," Smith told us. "Now he mostly works with Glambilly, but he'll be doing his solo folky country thing at Leon's. Let's put it this way: he won't be in his "Goldie Hans" get-up."

What else can you tell us about Mr. Frank, Mr. Smith?

"Apparently there are a lot of people jacking off to him. He's got about 18,000 hits on this video." (Editor's note: video NSFW)

Ah, well, that speaks volumes. Smith also describes Frank as "an East Kentucky Jewish boy." Like that explains everything.

What is for certain is that Frank is easily going to be the zaniest, most unusual act ever to play at Leon's since they began hosting music on Tuesday's a year or so back.

8:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 23, Leon's Lounge, 1006 McGowen

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William Michael Smith