Happy Birthday, Mike Patton: His 5 Greatest Albums

Sunday, Mike Patton turned 45 years old. Tomorrow, the fourth album by his long-running project Tomahawk, entitled Oddfellows, will be released. To say I've got a little bit of Patton fever is an understatement. Maybe some still only know him for Faith No More's rap-metal classic "Epic," which still gets regular radio play 24 years later, but the man has a seriously inestimable body of work spread out across numerous projects in countless genres.

Few artists are as insanely adventurous as Patton, especially within the world of rock music, where you're generally expected to do one thing and one thing only. There's a reason Faith No More never topped "Epic" in terms of sales -- they refused to stick to the script. But with so many damn albums, where does one even get started delving into the mind of Mike Patton? That's where I come in...

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Corey Deiterman