Here Are Some Underground Rapper T-Shirts That Someone Should Make

That's Doughbeezy. You probably know that. Or maybe you don't. If you don't, you (probably) will eventually.

He's a hard worker, and a very good rapper. So we made that shirt design. (The writing underneath is a signature line of his, obvs.) Someone please use it to make an actual shirt. And after you do, send in a picture on Twitter to @hprocksoff and @Doughbeezy. You won't win anything, but whatever. You should spend your time being a little more altruistic anyway.

Six more:


That's Tawn P, of course. She's really very good when she raps. You should listen to any song that she has her name on.


That's KAB, otherwise known as The Monster. He is one of underground Houston rap's great characters. And, according to rumblings, he has embarked on a sobriety journey, which we are especially excited about. You should listen to a song of his called "Jungle." It is wonderful.


That's a guy named Luke Duke. When we mentioned on Twitter that we were making these silly shirts, his camp immediately asked for one. That's the sort of thing that gets you noticed, I imagine. (He was getting one anyway. I mean, his whole "Who The Fuck Is That White Boy" tagline is just about the best.)


That's Le$. He's a human MP3 basically; he just keeps churning out song after song after song after song x1000.


That's Propain. He's a rattlesnake in Jordans. There are few emcees in town that are as reliably menacing. If you see him out, give him all of your money. He deserves more than you do.


That's Dante Higgins. He has this very tough mixtape out right now called Trillogy: Rhymes For Months. Despite the implications of the ham-fisted title, you should pick it up. There's a song on there called "Rhymes 4 Months" that is sublime. Listen to it SUPER-loud. Just make sure you have a friend or two with you. (You're going to need someone to scrapE your brains up off the floor after your mind gets blown.)

(Sorry. That was pretty corny.)

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.