Hip-Hop, Interrupted: 7 Rappers That Should Be More Active

Hip-hop is a genre full of guys who put out a new album or mixtape seemingly every single month. They just can't stop, even when they're incarcerated in some cases (see: Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and TI). It's as if rapping really is as much of a competition as they make it out to be and they're in a race to see who can drop the most flows in a single year. This often leads to sub-par releases far below the standards of the artists. These albums can seem sloppy and quickly thrown together. You can tell they aren't bringing their A-game.

Then there's a whole other sub-section of guys who kill it every single time -- when they feel like doing anything that is. My personal hip-hop collection may not be as vast as many people's, but the absolute cream of the crop seem to be, fittingly, the ones who release albums the least frequently. As great as their works are though, it always leaves me wanting; wondering when the next album will drop and having to wait years and years before anything sees the light of day. Here are some of the best rappers who I wish could be just a little bit more active.

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Corey Deiterman