Screwston, Texas

Houston Rap High-Fives For 2010

Earlier this week, the official Top 10 Houston Rap Albums of 2010 list was posted. Though initially the only real surprise on the list seemed to be the discreet Preemo wiggling his way through the thorn bushes all the way up to the No. 2 spot, there were plenty of emails to wade through about the list's relative inaccuracy.

Now, were we tiny, we'd immediately point out that just about everyone that bothered to email - thanks for that, as always - responded to "Have you heard the albums on The List that you felt were placed too highly?" with some form of "Um, nope," which effectively nullifies most all gripes. But that type of chicanery* serves no real purpose.

*You see what we did there? We undercut chicanery with chicanery. In part because it's semi-dickish to do so, and that's always fun, but mostly because "chicanery" is an excellent word to write and read. Chicanery. Chicanery. CHICANERY.

There were handfuls of talented, relevant rappers, many of whom we've written flattering things about, who did not make it into the final 16; everyone seems to be able to agree on that part. So let's make a proper list of guys and gals who also deserve a big ol' high five.

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Shea Serrano