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Houston's Kirko Bangz Is Now a Bona Fide No. 1 Star

At the end of last summer, Kirko Bangz, the flagship artist of the much ballyhooed new generation of Houston rappers, released a song called "Drank in My Cup."

In it, he did everything people enjoyed him doing in his breakout single "What Yo' Name Iz" (turn his libido into its own entity, basically), except he did it about 50 times better. When he debuted it on The Box, they played it back to back to back, each time praising it more and more and more.

It seemed obvious that it had legs. Still, no one outside of Bangz' camp expected what happened last week: "Drank in My Cup" is now officially a No. 1 hit.

After a handful of weeks of steady ascension, "Drank in My Cup," a saucy, sexy, catchy aggregate of mechanized thumps and machismo, has humped its way to the top of Billboard's Rap Songs chart, passing Drake, Young Jeezy, Wayne, Tyga and more along the way.

It marks the first time in six years that a Houston rapper has reached such heights, the last being Chamillionaire's "Ridin'," which, if you'll remember, earned him a Grammy.

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