Introducing the New Dubstep Drinking Game

OK, I'm sure this has been done before in your own time. But I got bored one day. Hey I live in Katy, Texas, so give me a break.

There I was, listening to a few dubstep mixes I have and I was staring at my phone just waiting for people to hit me up so we could head out for the night. It hit me if I had some drinks and chill with some people we wouldn't have to even go out and waste money on over priced drinks at the bars in Houston.

My brain went on a boredom tangent. A dubstep drinking game? Hell, why not?

Somehow everything is turned into some sort of drinking game nowadays. For example, a few friends and I watched Titanic a year or so ago, and every time you saw water you had to take a sip of beer or whatever you happened to be holding onto that night. Needless to say we probably watched only 30 minutes of the movie.

Now if you were at a show, I wouldn't suggest the game. That would just defeat the purpose of having to pay for overpriced drinks. Plus it's a show, so get away from the bar and go dance. [Not many people are seen at the bar at EDM shows, unless they're getting water.] But as for a kickback with your friends jamming to some music, this works perfectly.

And don't lie we all do it. I can't say I know someone that goes out every single night. And if you happen to, God bless your liver and wallet. But many enjoy a simple kick back at a friend's place.

So let's get down to it. Here are your basic rules.

1. If anyone requests Skrillex, they must take a shot.

Clearly they're a little stuck within the mainstream dubstep. Nothing is wrong with Skrillex. He drops some nasty beats, but you know it's hilarious. If you truly are a huge dubstep nerd and someone yells, "Play Skrillex," you'd most likely laugh in some way.

Or maybe I just find it funny. But considering you'll be drinking, someone is bound to do it. You may even find yourself even making the request.

2. Anytime Ellie Goulding or La Roux is featured within a song, just go ahead and chug a beer.

Trust me; I know it's on your playlists. It's on mine. And with Ellie working with popular DJs such as Bassnectar and dating Skrillex, there is bound to be some beer chugging.

3. If the bass cannon kicks it, I think you know what to do: Finish whatever you're sipping on up.

The song by Flux Pavilion somehow always makes it onto the playlist. Flux was the DJ who got me into dubstep in the first place, so I could imagine that song popping up on my playlist. No denying the song is one that lasts, and has made a statement for dubstep.

4. "Wait for it...Wait...Here it comes!" DROP! Shot.

Yes, the bass just dropped. Take a shot. This is a simple way to get wasty-face.

5. When people start reminiscing on EDC or any other festival, just take a shot.

I find this hilarious. You're chilling with people who all love the music and are your friends, you're listening to dubstep and trying so hard not to talk about it. This is one hard test. I've actually done this before, I failed miserably.

6. If anyone mentions anything or even says the words line-up. Just line up a few shots of different alcohol you have.

Few typically mean three by the way. I'd prefer no one to be sent to the hospital. But I know how tempting it is to not mention a lineup or even mentioning who warmed up for someone at a show. Incredibly difficult, but either you want to play the game or not.

7. YouTube DJ!

Anytime someone tries to overtake the playlist to go on YouTube or put their own music on, direct them to the drinks instead. Needless to say I have a friend who would fail miserably at this. Can't wait to use that rule on him.

8. Anytime the DJ has their name implanted within the music, get your drink on.

Feed Me has it, Skrillex does it and plenty more: "My name is Skrillex." Yes, I know, but thanks for making me drink, dude.

9. For anything sexually oriented within the music, shot or sip on a drink depending on how you're holding up for each one.

My suggestion is Borgore is bound to set you up for failure or I guess a good time on this rule. And if PornStep is on that playlist, might as well drink up.

10. What do you really know? 'Nothing.' Wow, take a shot!

A good game to play within this game is ask members of your elite dubstep drinking crew where DJs are from and what their real name is. It will surprise you how much people don't know, or maybe how much you don't know. (Maybe ask again in the morning so that you remember for next time.)

Okay, now maybe I'm just am dork over here. I'd prefer not to give away some of my secrets, due to the fact that some are inside jokes with friends. No one, besides them of course would even understand.

But one of my inside jokes falls under the rule that one should drink anytime you have no idea as to what someone is saying during the song. So don't play any Major Lazer, you're screwed if you do.

The dubstep tutorials are always a good way to figure out some key basic rules. The buildups, beatdown section, snare and so on can all be inspirations as to what rules you could create on your own.

There are so many different things you could add to this game. It's easy to make it your own. I've even added dance moves to my game version. I'm interested to see how this goes back at ASU for next semester.

Make sure to have your necessary shot glasses, beer, liquor of course, cups, chasers or mixers (whatever you'd prefer to make it for the night) and the music. Adding your own rules is always fun. It's bound to happen anyways.

Drink responsibly and womp your mind away.

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