Kinks, Black Flag, Too Short (Almost) Launch Rocks Off Covers Night

Besides Saturday's Houston Press Music Awards showcase - be sure to tune into our Facebook and Twitter pages for plenty of chances to win more wristbands Friday - Rocks Off has finally nailed down all the details for the first installment of our monthly cover night, set for Thursday, August 19 at Walter's on Washington.

Almost all the details, that is. We still need to name the blasted thing, so if you've got any suggestions, stick 'em in the comments. (Yes, "Under the Covers" has already been shot down.) If we use yours, we'll even find something in the Rocks Off Prize Vault for you.

Anyhow, we know who's playing now, which is the important part.

One of Houston's hottest new bands, chimey Springfield Riots offshoot Young Girls, will take on the brotherly Brits who have been a primal influence on everything from power-pop to garage-rock, the Kinks. No fighting onstage, though, guys. And by the way, please turn SafeSearch on if you decide to Google Young Girls. Especially on Google Images. Yow.

Also, happy hardcore aggronauts The Burden will give it a go as SoCal T.V. partiers Black Flag - we're hoping for biker shorts - and Fat Tony has agreed to play Oaktown O.G. Too Short. Rocks Off is not going to show you that picture of Tony riding a goat again, but you can see it here if you absolutely have to.

Best of all, since the bands will be taking care of the covers, that means you don't have to. That's right. It's all free. Lone Stars are always $2 at Walter's, and we'll have some more drink specials too. We'll also be giving away Rocks Off merch, tickets and maybe some other stuff. Because Rocks Off is the Houston music blog that cares about you.

We're just getting this thing off the ground, so bands, please email us if you'd like to be considered for a future covers night. Whatever it winds up being called.

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