Live from the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

We're hanging out all day on Washington Avenue watching some of the best bands in Houston perform at the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase. We'll be checking into Rocks Off periodically to keep you up to date as well. You can also follow us on Twitter at @HoustonPress and @hprocksoff for up-to-the-minute coverage and photos. And be sure to check us out tomorrow and Monday too for full recaps of the day. Party on, Wayne.

"Rolling up to Kobain. Pre-gamed by pouring a bag of sunflower seeds down my throat." -- Marc Brubaker, writer and photographer

"At Walter's Tax the Wolf playing. Place is almost completely dead. Bizarre scene. Four girls dancing. The rest of us watching them dance." -- Brandon Hernsberger

"Yoko Mono: 5 40-year-old dudes in Hates and Dead Horses shirts who know what the fuck they're doing. Quite impressed." -- John Seaborn Gray, writer

"Started the day with jazz back-to-back. Ozeal and Kristine Mills. Cool and mellow." -- Chris Gray, music editor

"I'm pretty sure Yoko Mono is too confusing a name for Best Latin Contemporary. I wish this place still served pancakes." -- Hernsberger

"Moji of 2 Dollar Sound: 'If you don't have one, I'll trade you an album for that drink. I'm that easy.'" -- Brubaker

"First hour four bands zero crowd bands all fuckin' loud terminal boredom." -- William Michael Smith, writer/curmudgeon

"Killer xylophone solo by the Free Radicals @ Taps" -- Marco Torres, photog

"Keno for Emo is way too emo to have a name that obtuse." -- Hernsberger

"I don't know the rules or etiquette in this Taps, but I'm skanking when Los Skarnales play" -- @mogboy1015 on Twitter

"Preemo just told us that choosing a president is like selecting a rope with which to hang oneself. Where's our Libertarian friend when we need him?"-- Brubaker

"Wave soundtrack: Jimmy Buffet." -- Chris Gray

"Best band so far: American Heist." -- WMS

"Huge ass crowd for Changoman at Pearl" -- Craig Hlavaty, listings editor

"Skeleton Dick campaigning in front of Walter's." -- Chris Gray

"This girl from KPFT is getting on the mike between acts at Kobain, claiming that it is the only station that plays locals artists as well as the only non-Clear Channel FM station in town. Calling bullshit on both accounts." -- Brubaker

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