March Madness: Some Insight Into the Steve Francis Chain-Snatching
Screengrab/TMZ Sports

March Madness: Some Insight Into the Steve Francis Chain-Snatching

With so much news to that flys by in the Houston rap scene, the month of March is here to sit back and deal with all of the madness. Welcome to our own version of March Madness, where we're delivering stories every work day to keep you occupied with the ins and outs of the Houston rap landscape.

March Madness: Some Insight Into the Steve Francis Chain-Snatching
Screengrab/TMZ Sports

Why exactly was Steve Francis onstage at the Sauce Twinz show at Warehouse Live on Saturday night?

That was the question many chose to ask following the Twinz's sold-out performance inside the venue's Ballroom area. Not that the Twinz tore the house down or were using unnecessary gangsta rap posturing by having 30-plus people onstage surrounding their every move, or that one girl decided to flash the entire crowd.

And not that Sancho Saucy decided to rock a pink tuxedo with matching hat and backpack. Or that Sauce Walka thought more like Beyonce and Kelly Rowland did when Michelle Williams fell on that one episode of 106 & Park. Wait; let's take a glance back at that moment, the last Houston "fall" of note that created a seismic wave.

Williams has long been considered the third, almost forgettable member of Destiny's Child. Which is such a shame, considering that whenever Beyoncé needs to clean up for church after sweating her weave out in the club on Saturday, she calls Michelle. When Kelly is too busy singing about getting perfectly placed kisses in the bedroom and needs to clean up for Sunday morning, she calls Michelle. Basically, people call Michelle only when they need to turn ultra-conservative. She was, is and forever will be the Winston Wolf of Destiny's Child.

Want to know how the two "stars" of Destiny's Child treated Michelle during one performance on 106 & Park? They let her fall and kept on moving.


Nobody stopped the song to pick Michelle up. Nobody bothered to check for her safety. They let Michelle become a piece of Internet history, which is exactly what happened Saturday night at Warehouse Live to Steve Francis.

By now, the clip of Francis getting stomped on and his chain snatched has circulated all over the Net. It hit ESPN. It hit TMZ. It made Sauce Walka chuckle at the fact he was on TMZ, even when every national outlet of some repute decided that a) Warehouse Live was a club and not a performance venue; b) Francis was in a "club" and not at a rap show; and c) There was zero mention of the Twinz altogether.

Back to the original question. Why was Francis onstage Saturday? Easy, actually.

You see, there's a little bit of floating fact that Francis has been a benefactor for the Sauce Factory by sponsoring a few shows. Now, that's one thing. Francis constantly interrupting the show by hopping on the microphone to brag about his wealth is an entirely different matter. Nobody was going to hop onstage and openly declare, "Leave Steve alone," because Steve...kind of put himself in that position when he offended the Sauce. At least that's how one particular man with a flat top felt.

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Francis' camp has said that the chain is back in his possession, according to TMZ. His publicist, Dre Johnson, told the gossip site, "When you touch somebody you don't know who you touching. You got to be more careful out here. These young guys don't think, they read and then apologize and backtrack quickly."

Let's use the laws of age and physics here for a second. Steve Francis last mattered in Houston in 2004, right before he was traded to the Orlando Magic. Since the Twinz serve a crowd that is mostly young, every person who decided to head to the Sauce show on Saturday, we're talking adults who probably max out at 24, 25 years of age. Meaning, the earliest memory any of those guys have of Francis is right around the age of 13...in 2003.

To them, Steve Francis is only the guy who was seen getting choked out by Stephen Jackson in a club. Or the guy who sang Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" to himself...while pouring a bottle of champagne on himself. The main concern I, and maybe everybody, have for Steve at this point is, where was Cuttino Mobley to help soften all of these blows? Why was Steve left on an island without his main running buddy for more than a decade?

The youth don't know respect per se; they know the here and now, which sees Steve Francis as more of a victim than a Houston legend. Even if Francis' "legend" is a bit...flimsy, considering he only got the Rockets to the playoffs once and became a footnote in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest thanks to Vince Carter.

It's a shame, but considering how the Texans have done Andre Johnson this week -- this isn't the city to truly appreciate legends while they're still here.

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