More from the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

The party's about to start at the Bud Light Main Stage, the sun is on it's way down and the night's just getting started.

"Big crowd at Walter's. The Manichean are struggling towards a late start." -- John Gray

"People are arriving in cabs for B L A C K I E." -- Chris Gray

"Manichean's bass player is late, time is being filled by a poet named the Plastic Clown, an old Notsuoh veteran. He's killing!" -- John Gray

"Confetti at the Manichean!" -- Chris Gray

"White hip hop kid mashing is art." -- Hernsberger

"Scheduleing Fat Tony and B L A C K I E concurrently. WHY?" -- Hernsberger

"Houston Press music awards showcase has me impressed. Hollywood Floss is unreal." -- @kellykate8 on Twitter

"Ei8ht is low-key. Hanging out in AC comfort while bands practice and enjoy free drinks." -- Shey

"Moshing so bad at B L A C K I E they had to cut off the sound." -- Chris Gray

"Dude 'practicing' the bass at Ei8ht just played what I think is the Seinfeld theme." -- Shey

"Justin Terrell (of Buxton) forgot his cymbols. The tontons just showed up to save him." -- Brubaker

"Ladies room at Ei8ht had "Single Ladies" blaring so I had to take a dance break." -- Shey

"Trae is running late. Van broke down between here and Killeen." -- Chris Gray

"OH: How are you? Hot. Cranky. Not drunk enough." -- Shey

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