News on the March, Elaine Greer, Wild Moccasins, Earnie Banks

According to our Best of Houston® issue last week, News on the March might be this town's best unsigned band — but that doesn't exempt them from the weather. Along with every other event in the city, the countrified rockers' EP release has been given the Ike treatment. Band members Austin Sepulvado and Brent Randel had their roofs blown off and had to cancel shows and recordings until they got things (read: ceilings) reattached. This means Saturday's show will be sans new record, but anyone who's heard NOTM's twangful, barbershop-quartet rock knows it'll be worth the wait. The band has proven to be a consistent crowd pleaser and will no doubt hold its own alongside some other local up-and-comers. Elaine Greer's Gillian Welch-esque acoustic musings and earnest delivery make the button-nosed, high-cheeked darling as good at melting hearts as she is at breaking them (or so we've heard). And The Wild Moccasins are never short on enthusiasm as they pump out their jangly, Blondie-tinged folk-rock. Earnie Banks's Jimmy Eat World-inspired indie-rock starts things off.

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Dusti Rhodes
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