No, Drake Isn't Performing at Warehouse Live Tonight

Update (1:19 pm): We made a few more phone calls this afternoon, and this is the statement we got from Warehouse Live:

Warehouse Live cannot confirm or deny whether Drake will be performing there soon, but Drake will not be performing there tonight.

Sorry Houston, your dreams of seeing Drizzy up close are just going to have to remain that for now. The good news is that there's plenty of great stuff going on in Houston tonight. If you like rap, then hopefully you already have tickets for Htown's Next Up Hip-Hop Concert. If you like sad songs about heartbreak, we recommend Jimmy Eat World.

Original Post: There are lots of truths in this world - go-karts are awesome, pie is delicious - but one very Space City-centric is that Drake loves Houston. It's one of his homes away from home, a place he loves to rap about and, we assume (since details remain cryptic), the city he'll be appreciating next month.

But could he be performing in Houston tonight?

This morning Rocks Off received the above video of him saying that he'll be over at Warehouse Live this evening.

Needless to say, this has our attention.

We put in a call over to Warehouse Live, because that seemed to be the responsible thing to do, but were greeted with a pre-recorded message teasing shows from last week (example, Latin Invasion). Nothing about Drizzy on the phone.

Nothing about Drizzy on their website either. The only event they have booked tonight is Htown's Next Up Hip-Hop Concert (which is already sold out, in case you were thinking about buying tickets).

According to Twitter, at least, Drake is in town since he was apparently partying over at 5th Amendment last night. Does that mean he'll be playing a show at Warehouse Live? More importantly, does it mean you'll be camping out at Warehouse Live?

We're keeping our ear to the ground and will update if we hear more.

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