Out Today: Bon Iver's Bandwagon Bait, Weird Al Goes Gaga

In the next few weeks, you may be reading about the new Robert Ellis album, Photographs, so we are just giving you fair warning. It's a stunner through and through, and goes nicely with early morning traffic. Have you ever heard "Westbound Train" ramp up just as you hit the Houston skyline? It's some crazy classic-Spielberg-movie shit for your brain. That one comes out in two weeks, but we are lucky to be rocking a preview copy.

Next week comes new albums from Beyonce, Limp Bizkit, Dolly Parton, and Gillian Welch. Look for soundtracks discs too, with HBO's Game of Thrones and the Super 8 album hitting stores. We can only hope the latter contains the sweet 1979-era radio hits that were a fun part of the movie. Don't bring me down... Bruuuuuce!

Bon Iver, Bon Iver: Loved For Emma, Forever Ago, but this one is going to be a slow grower we can already tell. Most everyone is already on board, as this new sound from the one-man Justin Vernon project was telegraphed with his Gayngs and Kanye West work. Ask us in three months. We do dig the sweet Christopher Cross-jamming on "Beth/Rest" though.

Wild Moccasins, Skin Collision Past (Reissue): This week New West Records reissued the Wild Moccasins' 2010 LP, Skin Collision Past, pasting the band's Microscopic Metronomes EP on the end of it and cleaning up the mix here and there. Between this, new albums from Young Girls, Something Fierce, Finnegan, Literary Greats, Robert Ellis, Folk Family Revival, Buxton, The Ton Tons, and Hell City Kings either out now or due soon, Houston is busy as shit.

Gomez, Whatever's On Your Mind: Gomez continues to be one of the most underrated bands of the past two decades. Every album is sturdy and entrancing. Imagine Elliott Smith at this happiest with Spiritual behind him. Whatever's On Your Mind is more sedate, following their recent work, but it's worth a spin.

Weird Al Yankovic, Alpocalypse: Lady Gaga, The Doors, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars get the brunt of Yankovic's loving touch this time around. He around went in circles with Gaga, who finally warmed-up to being parodied by the legendary pop comedian. It's good, but it's no Bad Hair Day.

Jeff The Brotherhood, We Are The Champions: We have this dream that one day these guys and Queens Of The Stone Age will tour together and the world will rip apart, Biblical-style. We discovered the two-piece Brotherhood at SXSW in 2010, and listening to their debut four times on the way home back to Houston to cover Justin Bieber at RodeoHouston. Yes, you have heard that story before.

OK Go, 180/365: It's an OK Go live album, but does the band have anything to offer past quirky videos and a goofy, Geek Squad image? Turns out they aren't a bad power-pop group in a pinch, and their debut single "Get Over It" is still catchier and more radio-friendly than ever a decade later.

Centro-Matic, Candidate Waltz: Catch these dudes from up Denton way at Fitzgerald's on July 8 with Sarah Jaffe. Candidate Waltz is going to be fun one live, and the band has always reminded me of a bastard child of Spoon and Wilco, if that makes sense. So, fans of Wilco and Spoon, check it out.


Ty Segall, Goodbye Bread

Matt Nathanson, Modern Love

Dave Alvin, Eleven Eleven

Jill Scott, The Light of The Sun

LMFAO, Sorry For Party Rocking

A Simple Plan, Get Your Heart On!

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