Papa Was a Rolling Stone: Songs for Father's Day

Fathers often get a bad rap. Even though most Dads work every bit as hard as Mom for their families, they get overlooked very easily, because praise and thanks aren't supposed to matter to Dads, they're simply expected to act the way a Dad is supposed to.

To help make up for the thanklessness so often displayed by a world that tends to take them for granted, Rocks Off is providing a playlist of some choice Father's Day songs. Thanks, Dad.

Robert Earl Keen, "Daddy Had a Buick": In modern television, fathers are almost always portrayed as bumbling, clueless dopes, neutered and powerless under the thumb of some overbearing matriarch. But in the real world, Sharpstown native Robert Earl Keen reminds us that Dads can be cool as hell.

Waylon Jennings, "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line": Part of being a parent is handing out discipline when necessary. Sometimes the errant child needs to be reminded just who is the Daddy around here, as Waylon knows. No hard feelings, Dad. We know it was all for our own good.

The Cramps, "Mad Daddy": This one goes out to all of you with the more offbeat Dads. You know who you are; you find yourself saying things like "That's just the way he is" to anyone you've introduced him to. You probably shouldn't show him this song by the Cramps unless you're prepared for him to carry around a boombox and play it every time he enters a room.

The Temptations, "Papa Was a Rolling Stone": We had a song for all the absentee Moms out there, so it's only fair we include one for the Dads that aren't around anymore.

Rev. Horton Heat, "Hurts Your Daddy Bad": The Rev. Horton Heat - who's at House of Blues Saturday, by the way, and coming back in November with Motorhead and Nashville Pussy - sympathizes with all the fathers raising a little hellion. You do everything you can, but sometimes they just don't listen, do they? Cheer up, Pop: most prisons have very convenient visiting hours.

Blind Melon, "Dear Ol' Dad": In closing, be sure to do something nice for your Dad, and don't be afraid to continue being nice even after Father's Day. We're not exactly sure what Blind Melon is singing about here, but it's a great song, so we're just going to assume they're agreeing with us.

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John Seaborn Gray