Play Guitar With Your Ass? She Can.

In addition to trolling around on YouTube looking for the wettest, the weirdest, the wildest, and the wrongest music videos, Rocks Off enjoys a good soak in the simmering vat of Craigslist's musician's postings. You never know when you'll run across a local act surreptitiously trying to look for new members, or perhaps someone from another city is transplanting to H-Town and hopes to start something fresh and new within the confines of our fair city.

Or maybe some girl is looking for a guitar teacher to, quote, "teach my ass sweeppickings."

This poster ("Location: Ass Virtuoso") claims her ass cheeks play better than most guitarists around here. Rocks Off has heard some pretty awful players in our time, but we can't really say that we've heard one that was more inept at the instrument than if it were played with even a virtuoso derriere.

Frankly, the whole thing just sounds like Super Happy Fun Land on a Thursday.

Are there any shredders in this town man enough to take up the Ass Cheek Avenger on her offer? If so, the post can be found here.

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