Post-Stage Interviews from the HPMA Awards Ceremony

As Los Skarnales left the stage, Rocks Off grabbed an interview with lead singer Felipe Galvan.

"The other nominees are really good musicians and friends of mine," he said. "When you're getting recognized, that's a win win situation. And music is for everybody, so we're just glad people can know about it and hear about it. And this will definitely help."

A dream Asleep won Best Hardcore band, and as the four members took the stage to accept the award they stood shoulder to shoulder to show the crowd their T-shirts, which together spelled T-I-T-S.

Adream Asleep hopes that this year's award will propel them to garner attention outside of Texas.

"There's no reason for us to leave Texas," said A dream Asleep guitarist Aaron Perez. "Texas is our home.

"Were just a hardcore band with a rock and roll soul, and we want people to know about us," added.

Put simply, The Free Radicals look forward to using their win for "playing good music for good people and enjoying the scene."

Potbelly didn't expect to win, but they did. We talked to an ecstatic member.

"Jesus, this is awesome," he said. "We've got another CD coming out in September and we hope to use this to promote it."

When 97.9 The Box was announced as a nominee for best local radio station, at least half the crowd began to jeer and boo. You really can't ban tha truth...

As the winner for best keyboards left the stage, an overzealous fan who admitted to having never met her before told us the winner was about to conquer the world and force other female pianists to lick her ass.

Man, these things are fun.

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