HAIM, Lizzo Bring Unique Brands of Girl Power to Revention

The three sisters of HAIM
The three sisters of HAIM Photo by Matthew Keever
HAIM, Lizzo
Revention Music Center
April 25, 2018

Femininity comes in many forms.

Some women are petite; others are curvy; all of them are beautiful in their own way.

Music isn't all that different, really. Some songs are soft and romantic while others are loud and boisterous. Which is why, odd as it may seem on paper, the coupling of an established indie-rock trio and a rising hip-hop starlet made for a perfect match Wednesday night.

On the fourth stop of their Sister, Sister, Sister tour, HAIM brought their retro pop sound to Houston's Revention Music Center. It wasn't a sold-out stop, but it was close. And the crowd, which was about as diverse as our city, was in good spirits.

The HAIM sisters took to their respective ends of the stage in front of a minimalist light display. Danielle took center stage, flanked by Alana on her right and Este on her left. The show began with all three of them pounding on drums before Este retrieved her bass, Alana turned to her keyboard and Danielle picked up her guitar. Harmonies were a staple of almost every chorus, as the band members shifted vocal duties between themselves throughout the evening.

Before performing "Little of Your Love," Alana addressed the crowd. She had heard that a couple had just gotten engaged and wanted to congratulate them. After a bit of searching, the couple was found and brought onstage as HAIM serenaded them with a love song with a ’50s doo-wop vibe.

While HAIM is best known for their retro sound, they also showcased quite a bit of range during Wednesday's performance. Notably, "Walking Away" sported an electronic, R&B vibe. It took the band a verse to find its footing but by the first chorus, everything had fallen into place and the sisters had found their groove.

Supporting HAIM on tour was Lizzo, a Minnesota-based rapper who grew up in Houston. She thanked the crowd for their support and admitted to dropping out of UH's Moores School of Music years ago. A few fans threw up their Cougar paws in solidarity as the crowd cheered.

Lizzo sang of body positivity and standing up for yourself. She got the crowd hyped for HAIM's performance and likely made quite a few new fans in the process. Her set and wardrobe were both discussed and celebrated all evening.

Between the two acts, a lot of great music and diversity was on display Wednesday night. Good on HAIM for supporting an up-and-coming artist, and good on Lizzo for making the most of it.
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