Sexyy Red Comes to the Bayou Music Center

Sexyy Red sells out the Bayou Music Center
Sexyy Red sells out the Bayou Music Center Photo by Darrin Clifton
In September a teacher's video went viral for reimagining Sexyy Red’s hit song “SkeeYee!” for her elementary students and most recently another teacher's video went viral for chastising the way parents raise their children. In the video she specifically names the same hit song.

The videos highlight the divisive conversations that arise when discussing women in rap, but in particular, Janae Wherry whose Sexyy Red moniker has become a lightning bolt for topics intertwined with politics, respectability, conservatism, race, artistic integrity, colorism, intersectionality and more.

The mention of her name gets an instant reaction from fans and critics and when it was announced she was coming to Houston some online rejoiced while others criticized those even thinking of going.
The St Louis MC takes it in stride.

In a recently deleted tweet, the MC responded to the woman showing concern that children were listening to her music with “Gurl play poundtown Skeeyee & stfu”.
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The St. Louis MC controlled the crowd as she ran through her hits.
Photo by Darrin Clifton
Sexyy Red is here for fun, and her music reflects that. The MC who first made a name remixing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” to “Ah Thousand Jugs” has always created party music with lyrics loaded with sex and violence. The fans that packed out her sold-out show at Bayou Music Center Monday night also reflected that fact. A lot of them came dressed sexy and a few of them came ready to fight, with security having to make their way onto the floor more than once to break up an altercation. Given that the show moved from its original venue at the House of Blues it's apparent the MC garnered a lot more attention than first anticipated, and the larger venue really had fans packed wall to wall.
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The packed house stayed on their feet for Sexyy Red.
Photo by Darrin Clifton
But aside from a few fights, Sexyy Red was able to stay in control of the crowd. Her latest offering, Hood Hottest Princess, is the bulk of her live show and the connection between her and the audience was evident. The floor, VIP, and upper balcony were on their feet, chanting lyrics as Sexyy Red went through her new catalog. Whether leading a twerk competition, running through songs like “Female Gucci Mane” and “Mad At Me”, or just stopping to laugh and do a dance break Sexyy Red seemed truly at home on stage. At one point the music accidentally cut out and the rapper looked back at her DJ in confusion, motioning for him to re-cue the song. It didn’t matter because the crowd, fully into the music, just finished the verse a cappella as the pregnant MC danced on stage.

Lightning rod or not, if Monday’s show was any indication, Sexyy Red is more than a viral hit with a fanbase that rocks with the music and genuinely wants to see what she can become.
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