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Rise Of Lil B And Odd Future Both A Gift And A Curse

So you've written the greatest song the world has never heard. You spent a good two-and-half hours on those brain-melting metaphors, and another three laying them on wax. Every bar requires repeated listening to fully digest. Your ad-libs are on point like Chris Paul.

The beat knocks harder than steel-toed brogans. It's sick enough to make Nas jealous. This one's a sure shot, you tell yourself. But after playing this game-changing song for some pudgy label honcho, you're not so sure anymore. He rubs his eyes and takes a sip of coffee to shake off the slumber. He tells you your song is of middling quality.

"This is OK," he says. "But where's the, uh, shock 'em.?"

"The what?"

"You know, you gotta shock 'em these days. You gotta smack 'em on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. Like Odd Future, Lil B, and these guys. You gotta have that shock factor, you know."

Rappers, welcome to your future.

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