Rockabilly Cereal: A Cliche In Every Bowl!

Rocks Off readers will remember Zachary Byron Helm as the founder of SORP Films and the director and star of League of Extraordinary Retards, Part 1, a scathing parody of the industrial-music scene that show Helm on a quest to murder Ronan Harris of VNV Nation and restore industrial to its roots.

When Rocks Off saw that Helm had uploaded a new film, we were at first disappointed to find that we weren't getting Part 2 of the epic. Instead, Helm has taken aim at a whole new genre: Rockabilly. defines rockabilly as "a style of popular music combining the features of rock-'n'-roll and hillbilly music. Urban Dictionary defines rockabilly as "A descriptive term that people apply to whatever object they are trying to get rid of on Ebay that isn't selling." Somewhere in the middle is probably the real answer.

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