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RoderickVONN Now Speaking GODZLANGUAGE With "Green Light"

"I sneezed on the mike and let God bless me" --RoderickVONN

Last year, local rapper RoderickVONN released a tape called I'm Almost Done Getting Ready. It was great, described here as "a counterculture album," as well as "a digitized revolt, and perhaps the arch-opposite of the 'traditional Houston rap' sound. You will either hear it and dance or hear it and feel out of touch with everything. Those seem to be the only two options, and that's kind of great."

It wiggled all the way up to the No. 11 spot on the 25 Best Rap Albums from Houston's Glorious 2011 list. And goddamn nobody talked about it.

Now, he's prepping for his new album, GODZLANGUAGE.

"Green Light" is a single from it. There are tinges of Kanye, both directly and indirectly, and there is RV's unmistakable chaste melody, but the track is worth discussing for one proper reason: It's the first time he's offered up anything that sounded like he was interested in establishing a beachhead of any sort ("Green light; going to the top"), and that's kind of strange because IADGR was so thick in antiestablishment rhetoric.

VONN was critically successful last year (here, anyway) because he appeared actively uninterested in being so. This is a new wrinkle. Curious to see how it plays.

RoderickVONN, "Green Light"

RoderickVONN, "Green Light"

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