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Spectral Manifest: What's The Point Of Incoherent Metal Vocals?

A chance encounter online with Cryptos Granamyr Grimm (drums, vocals) of local metal sensation Spectral Manifest led to an in-depth conversation on the point of unintelligible Cookie Monster vocals in the world of metal.

Rocks Off: Pick a tune of yours. Any tune that you look at and it looks back at you and says, "We are." What is the name of that song?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: "Fate of the Disgraced" (He then sent us the above video)

RO: Kudos on the pretty nice live recording, first off. It's the clarity of your drums coming through that is really amazing. Bass... not so much. It's lost in the mix.

CGG: Thanks, imagine what it was like for me behind said kit... it was hard to hear what was going on. I had to play some of it from memory... downside to backlines at shows...

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